Plastering & Skimming

We undertake plastering and skimming of walls and ceilings. In case you aren’t aware, there is a difference between plastering and skimming.

Plastering increases fire resistance on a building and gives a wall wear resistance. It also gives the wall a better appearance. Our plasterer has excellent plastering skills and techniques to deliver the quality finish you will require.

Skimming is the name given to a plastering technique where a thin skim coat is applied to existing plaster to upgrade a surface.

Our plasterer has the skills to guarantee that he can provide a smooth surface to the walls and ceilings you need work on.

Skimming Plasterboard

Plaster skimming plasterboard is a popular method of providing a smooth, seamless surface before applying decorative treatment.

Skim plastering shares the advantages of a traditional solid plaster finish such as robustness and acoustic enhancement but with a faster turnaround than the traditional method.

Skimming Artex Ceilings

We skim plaster to cover flaws on walls and old-fashioned artexed ceilings to give them a clean modern finish. Sometimes they may need overboarding.

Skimming can transform your rooms and hallways giving them a fresh new look.

Ask for a free quote for your plastering or skimming requirements today – contact us now.